Taizhou Jianye Chemical Co., Ltd.
About Us
We established Taizhou Jianye Chemical Co., Ltd. in Taizhou city in 2005, Taizhou Jianye Chemical Co., Ltd. is the development base of fatty amine with low carbon. At present, we mainly produce fatty amine with low carbon (60,000 T/A, including 36,000 tons of ethyl amine, 12,000 tons of isopropyl amine, 5,000 tons of n-propyl amine and 7,000 tons of n-butyl amine), plasticizers (80,000 T/A), acetates (12,000 T/A), white carbon black (10,000 T/A), sulfur dioxide (18,000 T/A) and acetylene(200,000 bottles), etc. We are the largest plasticizer and acetates manufacturer in Zhejiang Province. Our products are well sold in China, EU, USA, and Southeast Asia, etc.
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